About Us

“With a spirit to serve the humanity, Agrawal Surgicals flourishes as the most trusted and fastest growing Surgical goods supplier in India.”

Agrawal Surgicals is Known For

  • Most acceptable designs
  • High quality of its products, viz materials and workmanship
  • Aesthetically pleasing outlook
  • Long life and high performance of the products.
  • Attractive packaging,
  • Wide range of products,
  • Cost-effective and high value for money.
  • Guarantees for enhanced user confidence.
  • Built-in Quality culture of the organization and an efficient Quality assurance team ensures International quality standards.

Who We Are

  • To make available quality surgical products at reasonable rates to the masses of   Rajasthan.
  • To provide quality services to the medical fraternity by making information on products available and by stocking medicines required by the profession.
  • To be associated with the top Surgical Companies of the country and to build a long-lasting relationship with them.
  • To be the leading Surgical Business House in Rajasthan.
  • To be in touch with the latest style of operations and to change with the needs of the time.

Our Forte

It is our aim to become the most trusted hospital equipment supplier in India. That is why we take pride in catering to our consumers with top-notch products and services at affordable prices. Here are some of the business aspects that we excel in:


Agarwal Surgical is the other name to reliability when it comes to hospital and surgical equipment suppliers in India. We stay committed to the quality of the products that we procure from our trusted manufacturers. Since our inception, we have acquired reliable resources all over India so to offer high-quality products at extremely affordable prices.

  1. A wide variety of products.
  2. Products have long-life and high endurance.
  3. Practical design for better handling.
  4. Strong packaging for extra safety.


Every organization in any possible industry must innovate its work aesthetics to stay updated. Adopting new technologies become the only option to survive in the market. That being said, we constantly work hard to innovate and adopt newer technologies to stay relevant in the market. We invest our significant time and efforts in finding advanced equipment that is efficient and cost saving.

  1. Enhanced user experience guaranteed.
  2. Cost effective and high-quality products.
  3. Top-notch equipment

Responsibility and Commitment

Agarwal Surgical honor the trust of customers and try to offer the best services within the rapidly changing business dimensions. We also try to evolve with the ever-changing needs and requirements of the society. We also maintain the highest quality standard in our products as we understand our responsibilities towards the general public when it comes to healthcare equipment.

  1. We make available quality products at affordable prices, that’s our commitment.
  2. We associate with world-class hospital equipment manufacturer to procure high-standard products.

It is our will to become the market leaders in the surgical equipment market.

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