Intensive Care Unit Bed (Electric with Remote Control)

Intensive Care Unit Bed (Electric with Remote Control)

Top made of 1.25 thick CRCA sheet perforated uniformly. Base and mainframe work of precise ERW/CRC steel tubes. Base mounted on 125cm DIA. Swiveling castors, two with break. The backrest and knee rest as also Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, Hi-Low movement controlled by the Actuators to achieve smooth and efficient operations without any jerks. The level height of bed can be adjusted to facilitate close observation by the Medical staff. Stainless steel bows with laminated panels, easily removable for access to the patient. Fitting: SS saline rod with four locations, protective SS side railings drainage bag hooks and corner buffers. Integrated stamping frame is steel made with Epoxy polyester powder coated & backed finish, resistant to chipping and scratching.

Actuator System:

  1. 24V DC actuator system
  2. Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V / 50Hz
  3. Back-up battery (optional feature)


  • Bed height adjustable 270mm (+/-3%)
  • Backrest lifting angle is 0 degree to 80 degree (+/-3%)
  • Knee-rest lifting angle is 0 degree to 4 degree (+/-3%)


  • Tuck away half-length or full length safety ABS molded side guard rails.
  • Molding bed top and integrated head foot board made by plastic ABS.
  • Removable pair of full length Collapsible or swing off side rail.
  • Large DIA. Swiveling castors, two with breaks.
  • Collapsible molded handles.
  • Rexine covered foam mattress.